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RPG Oddities


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-- Jared Leisner sent me some e-mail about Warriors of the Eternal Sun for Genesis. Nice to know someone actually comes here.


-- Well, I'm an idiot. I spelled Rogue wrong about 50 times on the Oddities page, so the even the link to zip didn't work. All is good now though.

-- Went to Game Force today, (with no money, of course) and tried a new SNES RPG. It's called SoulBlazer. Only played it for a seconds, because I was in a hurry, but it looked kinda neat. I think I rented this game way back when I was a wee little 7th grader with a brand new SNES.

-- If anyone in the Denver area has a new-style NES, I'm thinking of buying one. Drop me a line.

-- I signed up for the Great RPG archive, in an effort to get some more hits. Check it out, at the bottom of this page.

-- Added a little link page. Should grow soon. Ask me about putting a link to your RPG page (of course, I hope you would return the favor too).


-- Today, Erik and I went to the Video Store to rent a movie, and we found the game, BrainLord for only $10. Its a nice Mana type game, with some creative ideas. Unfortunately we got the wrong movie! We wanted to rent an old jakie Chan movie, but I grabbed the worng box. Doh!

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