Turbo Graphics 16/PC-Engine

I never owned a TG-16, but I was just a susseptable to the TV advertising for it as every other kid my age. I begged my parents to get me a TG-16, but I never got one. Then Emulators came around. I downloaded it, and found that the games were fun, but they still didnt match the quality I expected as a kid. But, a few good RPG's were made for TG-16.


Name Style Genre
Double Dungeons* ? Medieval
Dungeon Explorer ? Medieval
Neutopia * Realtime Overhead Medieval/Sci-Fi
Neutopia II * Realtime Overhead Medieval/Sci-Fi
Order of the Griffon ? ?

* Courtesy of Tinara


Name Style Genre
Cosmic Fantasy II ? ?
Exile ? ?
Ys Book I and II ? ?
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Realtime Side Scroller Medieveal

Turbo Duo

Name Style Genre
Beyond Shadowgate ? Macabre
Dragon Slayer ? Medieval
Dungeon Explorer II 3D Dungeon Medieval
Dungeon Master 3D Dungeon Medieval
Dynastic Hero ? ?
Exile 2 ? ?
Loom ? ?
Might and Magic III 3D Dungeon Medieval

Current Count: 17

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