Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo had a TREMENDOUS amont of RPG's, most of which are really cool. I thought I had almost every SNES game, until I started researching this page. Who needs a Playstation when you can play all these?

Name Style Genre
7th Saga Overhead Medieval
Arcana 3D Dungeon Medieval
Brain Lord Realtime Overhead Medieval
Brandish ? ?
Breath of Fire Overhead Medieval
Breath of Fire II Overhead Medieval
ChronoTrigger Overhead Time Traveler
Demon's Crest Realtime Side Scroller Macabre
Drakken True 3D/Isometric Medieval
Dungeon Master 3D Dungeon Medieval
Earthbound Overhead Modern
Eye of the Beholder 3D Dungeon Medieval
Equnox ? ?
Final Fantasy II Overhead Medieval/Sci-Fi
Final Fantasy III Overhead Medieval/Sci Fi
Final Fantasy Vj (Translated) Overhead Medieval
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Overhead Medieval
GemFire ? ?
Harvest Moon ? ?
Illusion of Gaia Realtime Overhead Medieval
Inindo: Way of the Ninja ? ?
Lagoon Realtime Overhead Medieval
Legend^ ? ?
Lord of the Rings Overhead Medieval
Lufia Overhead Medieval
Lufia 2 Overhead Medieval
Might and Magic 2 3D Dungeon Medieval
Might and Magic 3 3D Dungeon Medieval
Paladin's Quest Realtime Overhead Medieval
RoboTrek Overhead Sci-Fi/Comedy
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 Strategy/RPG Elements Medieval
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3 Strategy/RPG Elements Medieval
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 Strategy/RPG Elements Medieval
Secret of Evermore Realtime Overhead Modern Fantasy
Secret of Mana Realtime Overhead Medieval
Secret of the Stars ? Medieval/Sci-Fi
SoulBlazer Realtime Overhead Medieval
Shadowrun Realtime Isometric Modern
Sink or Swim ? ?
Super Mario RPG Isometric Fanatsy
Terranigma ? ?
Uncharted Waters Overhead Colonial
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons Overhead Colonial
Ultima: Black Gate ? Medieval
Ultima: The Phalse Prophet Overhead Medieval
Ultima: Runes 2 ? Medieval
Wizardry V 3D Dungeon Medieval
Ys III: Wanderers From Ys Realtime Side Scroller Medieval
Young Merlin Overhead Medieval
Zelda III: A Link to the Past Realtime Overhead Medieval

Current Count: 48

^ These games I found on a list of games, that did not specify what type of game they were, but the tittle looked like it might be an RPG. Please e-mail me confirming whether or not they are RPG's

Also, any help filling in ? marks would help me greatly. Just e-mail me.

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