Nintendo Gameboy

The first 4th generation+ portable gaming system. By far the best. This system proves that games make a system, not hardware. Although Sega's Gamegear had, color, a 4096 color pallete, and backwards compatability with their 8- bit console; many great games were made for Gameboy. The only real problem with Gameboy was that you could hardly see it if the light wasnt just right. But, with Emulators and Super Gameboy, this is no longer a problem.

Name Style Genre
Final Fantasy Adventure Realtime Overhead Medieval
Final Fantasy Legend Overhead Medieval
Final Fantasy Legend II Overhead Medieval
Final Fantasy Legend III Overhead Medieval
Gargoyles Quest Overhead/Realtime Side Scroller Macabre/Medieval
Mystreium ? ?
Nobunga's Ambition ? ?
Spud's Adventure ? ?
Zelda: Link's Awakening Realtime Overhead Medieval

Current Count: 9

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