RPG Oddities

This page features rpg's that have a certain original quality that helped to form RPG's as we know them today, or simply RPG's that are just plain .WiReD!!


Game #1, 02-09-98


This probably the first game to start an entire genre of games. This was probably the first computer-based RPG. Before rogue people spent thier time entertaining themsevles with Dungeons & Dragons, and perhaps a few college students and businessmen had access to Adventure the first text-adventure.

But rogue, originally for Unix-based computers revalutionized computer games. Although it still had character based graphics, it was still a very immersive game for its time. When I first booted the game up I thought, "What a piece of crap! What was my friend thinking!" But then I realized i'd been playing it for almost 2 and a half hours. Although crude, rogue is a great realtime overhead RPG that many people still play today. Without it we may never have seen Zelda or Final Fantasy.

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