The Nintendo Entertainment System

Probably my personal favorite console gaming system, the NES had a very large amount of RPG's. It also held the first installments of two of the best RPG series of all time, Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior

Name Style Genre
The Bard's Tale 3D Dungeon Medieval
Battle of Olympus Realtime Side Scroller Medieval
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Realtime Side Scroller Macabre/Medieval
Crystalis Realtime Overhead Medieval/Sci Fi
Deadly Towers Realtime Overhead Medieval
Destiny of an Emperor Overhead Ancient China
Dragon Warrior Overhead Medieval
Dragon Warrior II Overhead Medieval
Dragon Warrior III Overhead Medieval
Dragon Warrior IV Overhead Medieval
Dungeoun Magic 3D Dungeon Medieval
Faxanadu Realtime Side Scroller Medeval
Final Fantasy Overhead Medeval
Final Fantasy IIj (translated) Overhead Medieval
Final Fantasy IIIj (translated) Overhead Medievall
Gargoles Quest Overhead/Realtime Side Scroller Medieval
Heros of the Lance Realtime Side Scroller Medieval
Hydlide Realtime Overhead Medieval
The Immortal Realtime Isometric Medieval
Lone Ranger Overhead/Realtime Overhead Cow Poke
Magician Realtime Side Scroller Medieval
Magic of Schererazade Realtime Overhead Arabian
Metal Gear Realtime Overhead Military
Metal Gear 2: Snakes Revenge Realtime Overhead Military
Might and Magic 3D Dungeon Medieval
AD&D: Pools of Radiance 3D Dungeon Medieval
Robin Hood: Prince of Theives Realtime Overhrad/Realtime Side Scroller Medieval
Star Tropics Realtime Overhead/Overhead Modern Day Fantasy
Star Tropics 2 Realtime Overhead/Overhead Modern Day Fantasy
Times of Lore Realtime Overhead Medieval
Ultima - Exodus Overhead Medieval
Ultima - Quest of the Avatar Overhead Medieval
Ultima - Warriors of Destiny Overhead Medieval
Willow Realtime Overhead Medieval
Wizardry 3D Dungeon Medieval
The Legend of Zelda Realtime Overhead Medieval
Zelda II: Links Adventure Realtime Side Scroller/Overhead Medieval

Curent NES count: 38

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