Sega Game Gear

The GameGear is a portable, color gaming system. It had a hugh hardware advantage over its competion, the Nintendo Gameboy (Unlike all its other systems). But, I think this made Sega get cocky. There just doesn't seem to be as many cool games for GameGear as there are for Gameboy. But hey, at least I can see the screen at night.

Name Style Genre
Ax Battler Realtime Overhead ?
Crystal Warrriors* ? ?
Defenders of Oasis Overhead Arabian
Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya ? ?

Current Count: 4

* These Games came from a VERY unreliable source. As he did not have roms for them, I have never played them. If you are framiliar with these games please e-mail me confirming if they are in fact RPGs, and what their style and genre they are.

Also, any help filling in ? marks would help me greatly. Just e-mail me.

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