Sega Master System

Sega's first console gaming system. Although the SMS did not have very many RPG's, it did have a few, including the always popular Phantasy Star, starting a seris the continued on into Sega's Gennesis/Megadrive days.

Name Style Genre
Dragon Crystal* ? ?
Golden Axe Warrior Realtime Side Scroller/Overhead Medieval
Golvellius Realtime Overhead Medieval
Lord of the Sword Realtime Side Scroller Medieval
Miracle Warriors ? ?
Phantasy Star Overhead/3D Dungeon Medieval/Sci-Fi
Spell Caster* ? ?
Ultima IV Overhead Medieval
Ys ? Medieval

Current Count: 9

* These Games came from a VERY unreliable source. As he did not have roms for them, I have never played them. If you are framiliar with these games please e-mail me confirming if they are in fact RPGs, and what their style and genre they are.

Also, any help filling in ? marks would help me greatly. Just e-mail me.

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