Here, I list the pages that I fear most, because of thie similarity to mine. These sites are the ones that will keep me impoving my site, to stay in the race. Please visit them because they are all very useful, and all have some information I do not.


The RPG Encyclopedia. This guy has the same ultimate goal as me, but he has a diffrent apporach to achieving it. I am working towards my goal, by creating a big list of every RPG in exsitance, then going back and adding detail, wheres the Encyclopedia focuses on detail first, and quanity later. It is very promising, nevertheless. Of course, I DID want that adress. Oh well.


Age of Mystics

This page is awsome. It covers virtually ever RPG ever made for the PC. Although I hadn't been to this page before I started Classic RPG's, I feel that my site should have similar content as Age of Mystics in it's future. (the consle equivilent there-of, of course. The only problem with this page is it lacks great web design, but hey, what more important design or content


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