Table of Contents

Applying Wax

Now comes thefun part. This is where the bulk of the work is.

The main idea is to put wax whereever you want the egg to stay the color it currently is. For example: before dying at all, you would apply wax to whatever areas of the egg you wish to stay white. Then you would dye it yellow (according to the color order), and apply wx to the area's of the egg you want to stay yellow.

I know I know. Your asking, "But how do I get wax on my egg?". Well first off, it helps to be prepaerd. Cover your work area with newspaper. After all, we don't want melted wax all over your grandmothers antique oak dinning table do we? Then, grab your candle, your stylus and a clump of bee'swax. Light the candle, and heat the head of the stylus in the flame for a few seconds; then scoop some beeswax into the stylus, and heat it, until the wax becomes black and ink-like. Then its easy. Just draw on your egg, as stated above until you run out of "ink" and get some more heated wax until you cover whatever you want to stay the current color.

TIP: If you mess up, you can burn the wax off of the egg with the candle flame. Be careful though. make sure you cover all the old colors before you dye again!