Table of Contents

The Design

The first thing one must do when creating an egg is pcik a design. Designs can be found in various places. Look in books, on postcards and even here. We should have a few designs on this page very soon. Try to find a design that is in sync with your abilities. If this is your first egg, checkthe color list, and use only colors that are not flagged advanced. Also, if this is your first,try to keep the level of intracacy down. Remeber: you dont have to make the egg exactlylike the picture. You can add your own features and take some away.

Once you pick a design, draw the main features on the egg LIGHTLY with your pencil. Try to avoid filling in the details at this time. You do that when you apply wax. To get the wide bars that strecharound the whole egg, use your wide rubber band.

During the entire proccess, try not to touch the the egg with your bare hands too much. The oils in your hands can make the dye not work correctly. Try to hold it with a tissue as muchas possible. Also keep a pile of kleenex on the table under your egg at all times, to avoid breakage if you accidently drop the egg.