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Finishing Up

You're almost done. You have all the all the colors where you want them. Unfortunately your entire egg is covered in beeswax! Since I image your want to admire your masterwork, you've got ot get that wax off.

All you have to do is burn the wax off with candle flame. just hold the eggin the flame, turning it as the wax disappears. Be patient it takes a while.

so now your egg looks great (maybe), you set your egg on the fireplace mantel until your nephew comes over and decideds to play catch with your egg, and drops it making a smelly mess, destroying what youworked so hard on.

Well, this can be prevented, to an extent. What you can do is poke a hole in the bottom of the egg, and let the yoke drain out. Then, set it high enough so that your nephew cant reach it.:-)

Congradulations. Youve done it. Go back to the Introduction, and start over!