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My Gaming Philosiphy

I'm a big fan of Games all around. But mainly, I love computer and video games. Of ALL genre's, well with the exception of maybe sports games. So, upon this page you'll find all of the online game mags, and links to some of the games I like.

NOTE: Here is my policy on software piracy. If you can go down to a store, or order a game through the internet or other means I will NOT pirate it. But if a game is no longer sold or manufactured, I will usually be willing to give out or take a copy of it.

Also, I hate most shareware. Anything that will cease to work after 30 days or so is a bad product. I don't believe this should be done. Some of us cant afford to buy or regester all our Shareware, and having your program stop working will not get anyone to send them money. The kind of shareware I do like is that by Epic MegaGames and Apogee Software. These company's give you a part of thier game, and if you like it you can buy more. This way, you can see if you truly like a game, and If its worth your money.

Ok there's my two cents. On to the Games!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Online Game Magazines

This area used to be filled with Game Magazine Links.  I thought I had almost every online game in existence.  Well, guess what?  I was worng quite wrong in fact.  I recently surfed over to yahoo, and looked at their game magazine page.  There must have been 75 of them.  95% of them were absolute 10-day old dog crap.  So, I decided that, maybe I should just put cool magazine links on my page.  What an idea., so here ya go:
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Cool Games and Thier Companies

Here are some of my favorite games, and the companies:

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