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Software of the Gods... the lesser ones anyway
Imperial Software is a little "company" I started up with, Erik, my best friend. At the moment we only have one measly game that realy kinda sucks, people seem to get a kick out of it. The sound is pretty cool, and I worked pretty hard on the SI (Synthetic Intelegence). So, we would realy apreciate it if you downloaded, Face Race 2.3, for Windows 3.1. You need the following to run it:

We will have a much better game out very soon, but I just haven't gotten around to optimizing it and cleaning it up a little. We'll keep you posted. Aslo, keep looking here for Doom 2 WADs. We are curently developing a set of AWSOME deathmatch levels. The 2 we have so far have kept us entertained for hours on end. We also have a series of 1 player levels coming soon.

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