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Music and Me!

Music is a VERY cool thing if you think about it. It requires intellegence to create, as science does (I'm talking music, not noise). But - If Newton didn't discover the laws of Physics, some one else would have. If Einstien didn't develop his theroies, someone else would have. But if Mozart, Handel, and Bach (and They Might be Giants as well) didn't compose their music, we simply wouldn't have it. Music takes creativity. It is truly an art form, just like painting and sculpting. I like all forms of music (even contry in SMALL doses). Here are some of my favorite bands and composers: Up!To the Top! Some of these artists will come and go, but there is one that will always be on this list is, 
They Might be Mice, They Might be Men

They Might be Giants

"Every jumbled pile of person has a thinkin part that wonders what the part that isn't thinkin' isn't thinkin of."
It's lines like this that make me LOVE TMBG. They make you think. Most of their songs sound like nonsense when you first hear them, but, after a while, you begin to see what the song is realy about.

Aside from that, TMBG is simply a very talented band. They use harmony, a quality 90% of alternitive bands have yet to even comprehend. TMBG also does a lot of musical expirimentation. They use instrements and vocal techniuqe that other bands won't even touch. One of the best qualities of TMBG is that no two songs are in any way alike.

Most of all They Might be Giants is a great band, and if you haven't heard any of their music, go buy a CD, Also I may have a few sound clips, as soon as I can figure out how to record from a CD to a WAV, or MP3 file..


Sometime in Early March, I was talking to my friend, AstroKat on IRC, in the #tmbg channel. I was telling her that my friend Shaun, (now known by most as EdGrimele) had once seen a movie that had a TMBG song playing during the credits. Now being the great, devoted TMBG fan like we all are, Kat told me that Ed must've seen one of her favorite movies, Ed and His Dead Mother. She said it was a realy good dark comedy, with some of her favorite people in it. I told her that perhaps I would rent it someday, "Maybe even tonight!", I said truthfuly.

Well, then I decided to go downstars and watch some TV. I fliped through the TV Giude, and found that the movie was on TV that very night, in less than an hour!

It turned out to be a fairly cool movie with a lot of funny lines, strung together by an amusing plot. On of the coolest things about it was the music. Not only because it had TMBG's song, "Everthing Thats Right is Wrong Again". on it; but it also had an awsome song, "Happy People Never Die" (ARG! I lost the tape I had this song on!  Doh!). If you know this song, PLEASE! I BEG YOU! tell me who wrote it! 

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