How to Contact the Author

If you have strong feelings about standardized testing in education, please contact me with your thoughts. You can contact me through:

E-mail I ussually check my mail every three days at the very least

Snail Mail

You can send me snail mail at:

Tristan David Havelick
9753 Quay Loop
Westminster, CO 80021

although I can't see why you'd want to :-)


If you're style is more real-time, you can have a discussion with me on IRC (Internet-Relay Chat)

My nickname is [Emperor] and I can ussually be found in #tmbg, #imperial, #gamecode, and other game and programing chat rooms


If you have ICQ, I can be contacted with the UIN of 3733713

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Please take the time to visit my personal web page at,

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